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Torgim Sollid: An Apology

Every editor of printed matter will recognise the awful feeling when you realise an error has crept into print. With enormous regret I realised that in the new issue of Jazznytt, in an interview with Torgrim Sollid, the label that released his 1975 album Østerdalsmusikk was mistakenly named as ECM. It was, in fact, the Norwegian label Mai Records.

First I should make it very clear that this was in no way the fault of the writer of the piece, Veronika Søum. The article she submitted did not make any reference to the record label. At the last minute the editorial team decided to add in that detail, but the correct label information was not checked. I cannot put it any other way: it was a stupid mistake to make and I know from having spoken personally with Torgrim that it is upsetting for him to be associated with that particular label. On behalf of the editorial team of Jazznytt I apologise unreservedly to him, and to Veronika, for this mistake which was entirely unnecessary and should have been checked.

As I have learnt from more than twenty years of magaizne journalism and book publishing, no matter how strong is your commitment to accuracy – and I can assure you that Jazznytt takes that extremely seriously – it is simply not possible to be 100 per cent accurate 100 per cent of the time. Errors will always slip through the finest net, and human error is inevitable.

All we can do is learn from our mistakes by acknowledging and correcting them, as we are now doing, and force ourselves to be even more careful with the facts in the future.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to hearing Østerdalsmusikk in all its remastered glory, when it is released soon on NORCD – a fact which I can assure everyone is totally true. Onward.

Rob Young
Konstituert redaktør, Jazznytt
4. juni 2015

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